Basic information about the features of social engineering services


Social engineering (SI) is one of the types of hacker attacks characterized by versatility.

In this method, several quite effective methods merge together. Social engineering attacks are popular not only among hackers or scammers, but also among representatives of Security Awareness or cybersecurity special forces.
Achieving this goal includes the use of the following methods:

  • non-technical;
  • pseudo — technical;
  • semi-technical.

They enable active interaction with future victims by obtaining authorization or authentication, after which it is possible to steal information or obtain certain knowledge about the hacked object.

Experts attribute SI attacks to the category of cyberattacks characterized by a high degree of danger. A positive aspect is the possibility of minimizing or completely eliminating the consequences, but for this it is necessary to learn how to recognize them in time and report them to the IT department. Unfortunately, full-fledged protection against this type of attacks has not yet been invented.

Why it is necessary to know about social engineering and the benefits of the service

Experts identify a number of factors according to which knowledge about SI becomes necessary. This kind of attacks is based on manipulative psychology, in which human weaknesses are used. With their help, hackers force employees or users to fulfill their conditions.

In order to significantly reduce the number of successful cyberattacks related to SI, the entire staff of employees, including management, must have information about them.

XI’s attacks are the most destructive, as they operate in two directions: financial and reputational. With this state of affairs, the company can completely get out of control and the established business will collapse overnight.

By contacting CQR.Company for a cyberattack protection service, you can get the following benefits:

  • modeling and implementation of SI in business. To be successful in carrying out this kind of attack, it is necessary to have specialized information and be able to recognize that some documents are fake. It is this moment that provokes the issuance of confidential information or corporate secrets;
  • report on completed works. The service staff will analyze the information to determine the importance of the lost data, if any.

One of the important issues is the preparation of employees from the attacks of SI. To do this, they conduct training on recognizing this kind of cyberattacks so that employees do not make such mistakes in the future.

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