The Gerald Koarding Foundation Creates an Online Catalog of the Artist’s Works


Gerald Koarding – a prominent figure in the world of art, a talented American expressionist painter who left an unforgettable mark on 20th-century art.

His paintings impress with vibrant motifs and convey the artist’s inner world. Using a rich color spectrum, Koarding created unforgettable images that intertwine emotions and expression. His works have been recognized at exhibitions in prestigious art galleries and museums, receiving high praise from critics and captivating audiences. Throughout his life, Gerald Koarding created over 800 canvases.

The mission of the Gerald Koarding Foundation is to study and popularize the work of this outstanding artist, preserve his artistic legacy, and attract global attention to his artistic achievements. To accomplish this, the Foundation organizes various exhibitions, events, and conducts research, publishing relevant materials. One significant step the Foundation is taking is the creation of an online gallery featuring Gerald Koarding’s paintings. The gallery will showcase a collection of his finest works for public exploration. Visitors to the website will have the opportunity to:

  • examine the paintings in detail;
  • access documentation for each artwork, including creation year, artistic style, execution techniques, and more;
  • discover additional information regarding the condition of the artwork (presence of defects, signatures, canvas sizes).
  • in essence, all the information necessary to understand the authenticity of each painting. This will help identify potential forgeries when purchasing Gerald Koarding’s masterpieces or when assessing private collection lots.

The gallery will feature a selection of iconic works by the American expressionist, as well as lesser-known pieces that deserve greater recognition in the art community. Among the showcased paintings are:

  • «The Musician» (1946);
  • An untitled abstract composition (1947);
  • An unnamed figure with eyes (exact creation year unknown);
  • Two abstract figures (1959);
  • An untitled painting (1954);
  • «Nude Woman Lying Down» (1943);
  • «Abstraction» (1957).

The electronic catalog of Gerald Koarding’s paintings is continuously expanding, as a result of in-depth research conducted by the Foundation.

The online gallery of the Gerald Koarding Foundation will be a valuable resource for art enthusiasts, providing them the opportunity to delve into the creative world of this exceptional artist. It allows one to indulge in his art, embarking on an exhilarating journey into the realm of emotions and expression through these exceptional paintings gathered «under one roof».

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