Which company to contact if you need a CDN service


Today, all businessmen are faced with new conditions for conducting their projects. Such conditions are dictated by the directions of the World Wide Web Internet.

That is why it is necessary to create company websites, sell goods and services through special portals, and also work on creating high-quality and useful content. The Akamai service was developed to simplify the performance of such tasks. You can get more information at https://www.akamai.com/products/bot-manager.

About the service

Akamai is a CDN service that delivers web content using a special smart platform and is focused on transparently displaying components from the server of each user. Akamai offers its customers an HTTP downloader designed for the largest downloads, as well as an application with user settings and a list of analytics tools equipped with metrics that track and record all details of downloads. You can learn more about the tools at https://www.akamai.com/solutions/industries/gaming.

The main functions of Akamai specialists are as follows:

  1. Performance of acceleration of work of Internet portals.
  2. Providing dynamic content routing.
  3. Delivery of streaming media — video and audio files.
  4. Firewall organization. Providing an API.
  5. Perform caching of all static type content.

You can learn more about the possibilities of the service at https://www.akamai.com/products/bot-manager.


The main advantage of the Akamai service is complete security, speed of business promotion and the ability to innovate. The platform allows its clients to “outsmart” the most dangerous threats without harming their projects. Akamai’s service allows you to create «digital magic» as content is delivered in line with peak demand.

At the same time, users get the largest overview of the Web’s analytics, understanding what points enterprises’ competitors do not take into account. Akamai also allows you to perform edge computing, that is, to innovate while adhering to real-time. It is enough for the user to execute the code, adhering to the boundaries of the periphery just a few milliseconds from the client.

The Akamai service is a platform that allows you to always stay safe, and provides the ability to study all the data, adhering to the base of the largest border site in the world.

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