About one of the best museums in Dubai and their advantages


The emirate of Dubai demonstrates its commitment to the future by developing and introducing the latest technologies in all areas of life.

To show modern opportunities and development prospects, a museum was created, which has become a noticeable phenomenon in the cultural life of the region. To understand all its features, it is worth studying more information on the https://world-arabia.com/ru/articles/museum-of-the-future-v-dubae-opisanie-i-interesnye-fakty/.

History of creation, architecture and features of the exhibition

The museum was conceived by the ruling Sheikh of the Emirate of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. So he wanted to demonstrate the country’s commitment to progress, show the role of the UAE in all developments, and at the same time create a space that, in addition to housing exhibits, will serve as a platform for demonstrating the capabilities of modern technologies.

Construction began in 2016 and lasted five years. Another year was spent setting up the exhibitions. Visitors will be able to visit the museum in 2022.

Its architect is Sean Killa, who conceived the idea of ​​harmoniously combining an external appearance that shows aspirations for the future with a comfortable interior space. For this purpose, the toroidal shape of the building was chosen with smooth outlines and the absence of corners, and an interior where there were no supporting columns or partitions.

Among the parts of the exhibition, it is worth highlighting sections dedicated to ecology, human health, space exploration, and the development and implementation of bioengineering technologies. For children there are spaces with interactive exhibitions dedicated to various areas of knowledge.

The building stands out for its cladding, where metal plates created by robotic systems were used, which also symbolizes an appeal to the future. To supply electricity to the entire museum complex, solar panels are used, which are installed on the roof and other surfaces of the building. A closed cycle of water consumption has been created, where wastewater is recycled and returned for reuse.

The building itself was built on a green hill, as a symbol of man’s victory over the desert sands.

Visiting of museum

The building is located in the financial district of Dubai, with metro lines running there. It is recommended to use public transport to visit; parking is limited.

The ticket costs 149 dirhams, for children under four years of age and people with disabilities, admission is free. There is also no need to pay for the visit, for one person who accompanies them.

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