Who is the Project Manager and what is according to his duties


A project manager is a person who organizes the smooth operation of all processes and provides communication between the customer and the contractor.

PM is a sought-after specialist in any field: from construction to education. An IT project manager is a person who performs these tasks in the area of software development.

He communicates with the client and finds his needs, monitors each stage of development, and reports to the customer on the product’s progress.

What Are Project Manager’s Main Responsibilities?

The duties of a project manager can be briefly described as follows: he connects the customer and the team when working on a project. Thus, there are three main links, each requiring attention and active actions from the PM.

Such ensuring the relationship between projects and their participants includes the performance of several main functions, such as:

  • generation of ideas;
  • preparation of communication methods;
  • project implementation;
  • monitoring the progress of the project from start to finish;
  • ensuring that the team achieves results;
  • finding solutions to recurring problems;

The work of a Project Manager consists of several stages.

  1. Initiation. This is the creation and approval of a strategy for project implementation. The project manager conducts a briefing with the customer, where he clarifies the project’s main goals and develops ways to achieve them.
  2. Planning. The stage when the PM collects everything necessary for the implementation of the project: a team, timing, etc. At the same time, the project provides for possible risks that may arise during the project implementation.
  3. Execution and monitoring. The stage is when the project creates the terms of reference for the team, checks the result of the work at each location, and coordinates the development with the customer. At the same stage, the project works with risks, resolves problems, and prepares project for closure.
  4. Closing the project. This is the final stage when internal and external reports are compiled and presented, closing documentation is prepared, and a decision is made on further projects with the client.

Project Management Skills for Resume

A project manager is an organizer who needs to build a process so that everyone is satisfied with the result. Even professional qualifications make it almost impossible to cope with the load and tasks without several personal characteristics. The most necessary qualities for a project manager are:

  1. Strategic thinking.
  2. Sociability.
  3. Attention to detail.
  4. Stress tolerance.
  5. Creativity, creative thinking.
  6. Giving back to your cause.
  7. Readiness for difficult tasks.

The thing is that such work often involves an irregular work schedule. In addition, such a specialist prefers to stay online.

The project management skills for resume profession is an opportunity to develop, improve your skills, think creatively, and realize your creative potential.

Considering such activities, evaluating your qualities in advance is recommended, and it is important to withstand the load without losing your enthusiasm and motivation. In general, the direction is an alternative for ambitious, strong, and self-confident people who are not afraid of difficulties and know how to take responsibility, read more here.

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